Commissioning a Painting by Linda Merchant

Commissioned Work

2018 Pricing List

Single Subject

2 Subjects or Complex Painting (complexity may include – extensive jewelry or clothing details, scenery in the painting, or other detail work. More than 2 figures may incur additional cost per figure.)

6×8”: $250

8×10”: $375

9×12”: $450

11×14”: $575

12×16”: $750

16×20”: $900

Other sizes available, please ask for quotes.

6×8”: $375

8×10”: $525

9×12”: $650

11×14”: $800

12×16”: $950

16×20”: $1150

If the painting is extremely complex, additional cost and time may incur.


When choosing photos to send as references, please send clear, high-quality photos. The best photos are taken without flash, and both a sunny side and shadow side are visible on the subject. (e.g., the subject is sitting at a window, and their face is lit by sunlight while a portion of the picture is in shadow) Please make sure the subject is placed as you would like them in the painting, i.e. same angle, tilt of the head, etc. Only photos taken by the client or the artist can be used, unless written permission from the photographer is obtained, for copyright reasons.  To start discussion about commissioning a painting, please contact me via the contact link above.

40% of the total cost of the commission is due upon acceptance of the commission by the artist, 60% is due when the piece is delivered. If the commission is canceled by the artist, the full amount will be refunded. If the commission is canceled by the client, the initial 40% is non-refundable.

During the process, the artist will occasionally send in-progress photos for approval. It is far easier to change portions of the picture early in the process, so please make any suggestions for changes early in the process. Extensive changes late in the process may incur additional fees. Also please note that, as this is a work of art, artistic license will be taken, so please know and allow for the fact that the artist will make certain design decisions throughout the process. Please view the artist’s portfolio to see style samples.  The artist reserves the right to refuse any commission.

Due to the artistic nature of commissions, this process may take several months to complete. Please be aware and plan accordingly.

The artist retains the copyright to the painting, and may display images of the painting in portfolios or other locations.